Ever UPS Adapter

Ever UPS Adapter Package


This package is adapter using JavaScript implementation of SNMP protocol with modifications to make it work with EVER UPS Devices.


Type below command in your project's npm root dir (or just click it to copy).


DeviceSupported protocols
RT3000 XLSNMP (v1)

If you tested this adapter on another device, and it worked as should, please add PR with updated table above.

SNMP OID & variables list

OIDDescription name name firmware version firmware version name devices identification status on battery minutes remaining battery percentage voltage current temperature of time the input entered an out-of-tolerance condition input lines number source frequency lines number frequency lines number of active alarm conditions test name test spin lock test diagnostics result test result detail test start time test elapsed time shutdown type shutdown after delay startup after delay reboot with duration auto restart input voltage input frequency output voltage output frequency Volt-Amp rating output power rating battery alert condition of estimated minutes remaining of audible alarm input line voltage allowed to transfer to backup input line voltage allowed to transfer to backup

Example input line table

OIDDescription<index>.1Input index<index>.2Input frequency<index>.3Input voltage<index>.4Input current<index>.5Input true power

Example output line table

OIDDescription<index>.1Output index<index>.2Output voltage<index>.3Output current<index>.4Output true power<index>.5Output load percentage

HTTP API Attributes List

Feature will come in future releases