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IdoSell for Elementor

IdoSell Dynamic Tags for Elementor


Download installation ZIP, check Latest release on GitHub or go to GitHub Repository

Getting started

Warning! You will need a XML integration file URL!

  1. Go to you WordPress Admin dashboard and login with Admin account.
  2. In side-menu choose IdoSell from Settings section.

Side-menu settings with IdoSell category

  1. Fill all fields.
  • XML URL field with your XML integration file URL.
  • Gateway URL - Admin API gateway URL.
  • Login - Admin API login.
  • Password - Admin API password.

And Save Changes.

IdoSell DynamicTags by Z4RN34L settings page

  1. Click Import button to fetch all product prices to database.

Important First import of products is made by IdoSell Admin API as there are all products.

Info! Prices will be updated automatically every 24 hours by WP Cron using XML integration file URL.


  1. Open site or element edit in Elementor.

Sample Page Edit in Elementor

  1. Add widget of your choice. (For example Heading)

Heading widget in Elementor

  1. In Heading text's field click Dynamic Tags icon.

Dynamic Tags in Elementor's Heading widget

  1. From list choose anyone you need from IdoSell category. (in example Retail price were used)
  2. Click on wrench icon on left-side and provide product's Producer / Product ID number and currency or prefix if needed.

Retail price Dynamic Tag's options

  1. Watch elementor getting your product's retail price. ;)

Retail price Dynamic Tag's output in Heading widget

Info! All prices are cached for 24 hours by WP Cache API

Supported parameters

Retail priceYes
Last updated on June 17, 2022