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Cyber-security, Software Engineering, Reverse Engineering & having good fun with CTFs.

My software & services providers

Google Cloud Platform
Mullvad VPN
Offensive Security


Need customised software or help with your website? No problem!
See what else I can help you with

Software development

Want customized software or something right for your needs? I guess that I can help you with that.

Forensics & CyberSec

Digital forensics & CyberSec Operations. Blue & Red Teaming, preparing Disaster Recovery and Incident Response Plans.

Cloud migration

Want push your services or website to cloud? Just contact with me and we will see what we can do to make this well.

Web Auditing & Optimization

Website's SEO & performance audits and optimization. Including JS frameworks, Magento, WordPress & more...

Server hardware

Servers, JBODs, SAS Adapters (Hacking adapter's software for cross-brand usage as well :)), UPSes, Networking, Management & monitoring software.

Data scrapping & analytics

Using my own solutions for data scrapping and bot protection bypasses I'm able to scrap any website and make analytics from gathered data.

Scalable infrastructure

I'm able to help with small/middle sized infrastructure optimization using my 5 year experience with AWS and GCP.


Want to try with new technology but you're not sure about it? Contact with me & I'll do my best to help you with that.

CTFs & Write-ups

I'll try to go through any CTF, and prepare write-up for other people so they'll be able to learn with me.